Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are research studies that explore whether a specific medical strategy, treatment, or device is safe and effective. Steps to getting enrolled are below;

1) Discuss with your  healthcare provider depending on your diagnosis and treatment plan whether a clinical trial would be a good option.

2) Coordinate with research staff on site to review informed consent, screening criteria, and study logistics.

3) If enrolled, subjects will follow up accordingly to thier visit schedule.

Please contact Alex Baker 703-723-3670

*Current Clinical Trials *


Trial Name Diagnosis Enrollment Period
Abbvie Humira Registry Ulcerative Colitis Study Ulcerative Colitis 10  years
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Shire Short Bowel Syndrome Study Short Bowel Syndrome 15 years
Salix Crohns Disease Study Crohns Disease 1 year
Gilead Ulcerative Colitis Study Ulcerative Colitis 144 weeks
Gilead Crohns Disease Trial Crohns Disease 144 weeks
Shire Esinophillic Esophagitis Study EOE 16  weeks
OPAL Ulcerative Colitis Registry Study  

Ulcerative Colitis

10 years

ProMedd Study

Clinical Biospecimen Procurement Study  10 years

If you find a trial that you are interested in enrolling, you can access the Informed Consent Form by clicking on the appropiate study above. The informed consent will provide an overview of the study, logisitics of each visit, and an overall timeline of a subjects participation.

You may also go to www. to find more information on the clinical trial.